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What are multi-tracks

or Stems?

Multitracks, refer to the individual files/elements that make up the entire song/production (i.e. kick, snare, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, Lead Vocal, background vocals, etc.). Stems are the multi tracks combined into stereo group tracks (i.e. Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals, etc.)

What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing - individual elements of a song are processed, effects added, & volume levels balanced to create an optimal sound. Mastering - additional processing is applied only to the finished mix to ensure technical viability as well as to ensure competitiveness both sonically & in terms of loudnes.

Image by Yoal Desurmont

What Digital Audio Workstation do you use?

We use Logic Pro X

How should I format my files?

Please provide WAV or AIFF files, 24bit or 32bit, and at the same sample rate your project is at. Also be sure to export stems all starting from the beginning of the session (0:00) so that they remain lined up after importing them into my DAW.

Do you do sample mixes?

No, we do not do sample mixes. We get new orders all the time, and out of respect for my paying clients, we have to prioritize those projects.

Image by Yoal Desurmont

Do sessions include an engineer?

All sessions include an engineer.

If I have multiple people singing on a track is it still 50 euro an hour?

Yes, It is still 50 euro an hour.

How many hours should I book?

We recommend 1-2 hours for recording a song, 2 hours if it is your first time and 2-4 hours for mixing and mastering a track.

We  recommend 1 hour for recording a podcast and 1 hour for editing a podcast. 

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