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All our services are offered at a competitive rate! 
Bundle deals available.  Our Mission is to shine a light unto Ireland's music scene by supporting artists and creators through every step of the creative process. Our success in fulfilling our vision is measured by our client's satisfaction and confidence in their ability to succeed.
All rates include an engineer.


€50 per hour (Engineer incl.)


Mixing and Mastering

€50 per hour. 

              Send us your track and We can send you an estimated time

Vocals and instruments make up the bulk of the project, whether it be a single, an album or a podcast. It is by far the most important stage and here at Jungle beam studio, we take that into consideration when providing this service. 

Jungle Beam studio offers top quality mixing and mastering services for artists and creators of all styles and genres seeking a professional finish to singles, albums and podcasts. Every project is unique and therefore every mix requires a different approach.



Prices Vary. 

              for a quote

Here at Jungle Beam studio, we work with well known Irish producers that will work closely with you in order to bring your project to the next level. We strive to gather the best musical ideas for each project and collaborate with you to select great sounds that will improve your lyrics, arrangement and composition until you sound exactly how you envisioned.


Podcasts and/or Voiceover

€40 per hour to record 

€50 per hour for editing 

Our intimate studio is perfectly designed for podcasts groups of 2-4 people. Technical set up and assistance provided. Professional editing can be requested at an additional cost.

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