Vocals and instruments make up the bulk of the project, whether it be a single, an album or a podcast. It is by far the most important stage and here at Jungle beam studio, we take that into consideration when providing this service. 

Jungle Beam studio offers top quality mixing and mastering services for artists and creators of all styles and genres seeking a professional finish to singles, albums and podcasts. Every project is unique and therefore every mix requires a different approach.

We will work closely with each artist to get their project to an exceptional quality but most importantly to the artist's satisfaction. We meet the client at every stage of their creative process and this stage happens to be the last

Meet The Owner

 Top quality recording studio located in Dublin run by a cutting edge Sound Engineer Simba Bianchi.

Simba Bianchi has 10 years experience in the music industry from him beginning his career as a rapper to present day, where he was listed as one of District Magazine’s Top 10 Producers in Ireland. 


Jungle Beam Studio is part of the Urban music industry as “‘Urban’ encompasses something bigger than a genre”. They create tracks and many fusions from genres such as; hip hop, R&B, Afrobeats, jazz, soul, trap and many more. This is evident through the various artists they have worked with including; Rablo Lucci, Uppbeat and Alicia Raye. While most of these artists do fall into the hip hop/trap category, Jungle Beam also works with various different vocalists including Gospel singers.


Our equipment

The studio space is designed to make artists feel at home and comfortable, especially for those who are stepping in straight from their day job. The ambiance created from the sofas to the lighting and the recording booth allows artists to settle down and be as expressive as they want/need to be with their music. Jungle Beam Studios are set to be orientated like a jamming session with friends rather than a work environment. This is excellent practice since they welcome artists both experienced and new to the studio environment.




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Unit GB1, Sitecast Industrial Estate, Greenhills Rd, Tymon North, Tallaght

Dublin, Ireland

Our studio is open 6 days a week:


Monday - Friday 8am - 11pm

Saturday - 10am - 11pm

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